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We are honored to have been named the exclusive US importer of one of the fastest growing brands in America — Schwartzhog. Produced by Germany's historic Hardenberg-Wilthen AG, this unique, herbal liqueur has already won Impact's "Rising Star" award and earned a 92 point rating and "Best Buy" by The Wine Enthusiast. Schwartzhog contains the mysterious "wormwood" which promotes fun, excitement, and endurance. Enjoyed in "Hogtails" or as a shot, this liqueur's taste is becoming the preferred herbal brand in the US. "Shoot the Hog!"






Pelvillain Freres, Cahors, Malbecs

Cahors, a region in southwest France, is in the process of reinventing itself as the fastest growing producer of Malbec in the world. One of the leading wine companies in Cahors is Pelvillain Freres, run by three brothers who are making incredible Malbecs which are fresh, round, and aromatic. Marsalle Company has been appointed exclusive importer in the USA, and we will be selling four distinctive labels, three of them earning 90+ scores in the Wine Enthusiast.

Albatros Malbec — "This is full bodied, firm and fruity, with solid tannins and concentrated flavors of black fruit, tar, licorice, and wood." Wine Enthusiast: 89 points, Best Buy.
Chateau du Port Malbec — "Using fruit sourced from old vines, this firm, tannic, and concentrated wine has a fine balance between the dense texture and bright black-plum and berry flavors. Given its tannic structure, it needs to age, although it would be a great accompaniment to a stew if consumed now." Wine Enthusiast: 90 points.
Chateau de Cenac Malbec — "Strong aromas of new wood dominate the opening, and they follow through to the concentrated palate, creating a wine that only shows wood and licorice flavors at this stage. Let this age for at least four years." Wine Enthusiast: 91 points.
Chateau de Cenac "Eulalie" Malbec — "This top cuvee made by the Pelvillain family shows typical black Malbec color, and it has an opulent texture that's packed with notes of rich spice, black plum and balanced wood. While the tannins are present, the fruit offers a full, rich character. With its concentration, this will benefit from several years of aging." Wine Enthusiast: 93 points.












Florentino Italian Vermouth Rosso
Florentino Italian Vermouth Extra Dry

Sean's Irish Cream
Sean's Irish Cream White Chocolate
Sean's Irish Cream Coconut

McCarthy's Irish Cream (wine based, 14%)

Lieutenant Dan Spiced Rum

Spirytus Rektyfikowany Polish Neutral Grain Spirit
151proof, 192proof

Allegro Amaretto
Allegro Coffee Liqueur

Grand Tully Liqueur

Le Grand Mar-Salle Orange Liqueur

Coronado Rompope Vanilla

Coronado Rompope Capuchino